Frequently asked questions

What's the play here?

We are raising funds to put the smartest minds in the world in a room together. Contributors to the DAO will receive governance rights that allow them to vote on who we vet for conversation. Imagine Naval and Paul G riffing on the state of the metaverse for 30 minutes? Or Bill Gates and Elon Musk going toe to toe on nuclear energy.

Where do the raised funds go?

All funds will benefit Stripe Climate to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Funds will only be released if we are successful in starting a dialogue with the individuals we have sought.

Should I contribute?

If you are interested in helping organize epic conversations with epic folks in the name of fighting climate change, then yes. This is also an opportunity to be part of a DAO- a cutting edge experiment in internet scale human organization.

What's the catch?

Gas fees are very high right now so to even contribute on Juicebox is at least $100 in gas fees. So if you contribute $200, only $100 will actually go towards the effort. It is also very possible we will not be successful.

What do I get if I contribute?

Epic conversations, join others in fighting climate change, a governance token that allows voting on future decisions.

Why a DAO?

This internet first solution allows easy organization, funding, and transparency all built right in.

What if we are unsuccesful?

Funds will be returned minus gas fees. What this means is if you set aside $200 worth of ETH to contribute, you will likely not see a cent back. Why? To even contribute will cost at least $100 worth of fees. So that leaves $100 that makes it into DAO. To return those funds will also cost gas, which may eat away at your the entire amount.

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